1) What is it?

Whole Self Living is a unique retirement living opportunity. We match home owners with seniors seeking a safe, yet independent living arrangement. Depending on your needs and budget, service can include, meals, fitness classes, cultural outings and live-in help.

2) How does it work?

We conduct a needs interview, and do our best to match you into an appropriate home.  You pay monthly dues which at the base includes rent and maintenance of the property.  You will be part of a network of seniors, with opportunities to live a full and healthy life.

3) How is it different from a retirement home?

This is a small, more low key family-style home. Less corporate, and it won’t feel that much different than living on your own.You are part of the household decision making, and can upgrade to further assistance as you need it.

4) Why?

You want to live with others.  You like being independent but want the security of knowing others are around if you need them. You like to keep active, to engage, to learn, and you want to live next to places and people who matter.

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